Daniela Fedyakin

Full-stack Web Developer

Hi! I'm Daniela, a full-stack web developer based in Berlin, Germany. I am very passionate about my job, and hope one day to make a change with the skills that I have. I'm a team player who is also a former Architect, so attention to details and organisational skills are my second name.

My daily tech stack mainly consists of MongoDB, Express.js, VueJS, and Node.js (MEVN), but you can scroll down to check which other technologies I'm familiar with! To keep in touch or contact me - check out my social media accounts, where I'm most active and would love to have a chat!

my tech

The best way to learn and to grow is by getting out of your comfort zone.


My portfolio

Latest projects created with HTML, CSS(SCSS), Bootstrap 4, jQuery, JavaScript(ES6), NodeJS, MongoDB and more.

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The core concept of my vision and work.

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